Short & Dark

The Error of Busyness~

by Latashia Figueroa

It was busyness that ushered in her failure to focus. She had to rush; a busy day lay ahead. She rushed through work, making errors along the way.

Now 5p.m, she rushed out of the Office, leaving her cellphone on the disorganized desk. In the Supermarket she purchased a box of spaghetti for dinner but forgot the tomato sauce. She was too busy to notice the gas tank of her blue Corolla, now empty. Alone on the side of the desolate road, she realized she had no cellphone.

Dusk set upon her, the chill in the air provided no security. The smile of the Man in the old brown Truck gave her comfort.

The offer of a ride home eased her anxious mind. In haste she took her place in the passenger seat; grateful for the kind Stranger.

The bag of groceries left inside the stranded car. Driving in silence on the now dark road, her thoughts cluttered with cares of tomorrow.

She went over the to-do-list in her mind. And she was too busy to notice this was not the way home.

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