A Day In the Life of a Writer

A Day in the Life of a Writer: My Melancholy Mood

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There are number of reasons one’s mood may change from contentment to dissatisfaction; from bliss to melancholy. Perhaps, for me, today, it’s the rain that is tapping against my window, a sound I normally love.  Maybe it is because I have to cancel the reservations at a swanky restaurant because my husband has come down with the flu (no date night tonight). Or maybe it’s because I made the best western omelet ever, took one bite and then accidentally dropped the plate on the floor. I don’t know. But I need to write (I couldn’t last night because I was taking care of my husband, the big baby, who as I mentioned, has the flu). But I digress.

Whatever the reason, I have to  find a way to write; even in my melancholy mood. How do I do that? I put my headphones on, blasting upbeat tunes but the songs do not seem appropriate and instead of putting me in an uplifting mood, I become even gloomier. Perhaps if I exercise while I listen to Gotan Project and Roisin Murphy, my mood will improve. You know, get my juices flowing. But alas as I moved my hips to the tunes I can see my cellphone screen light up; my husband’s face appearing on the smart phone screen. He has called to torture me. He asks if I have the number to the Doctor’s office. I do not. He asks me to check his nightstand drawer. I would not have to do all this if he just put the number in his cellphone like I told him to do months ago. He doesn’t care that I am trying to write; trying to fight through my melancholy mood that will surely delay me writing another chapter. I can’t find the number. Then the sick baby tells me he will look Doc up on the internet. Uh, could have done that in the first place I want to shout, but I refrain from my normal sarcasm. And my melancholy mood has returned.

I sit down on my sofa and now, I’m just truly depressed. I am in no mood to write anything today, I will not be able to write tonight because the big baby gets home at 6pm and I will no doubt have to play Mrs. Nurse again. Oh wait, speak of the devil, he’s calling me again.  He cannot get an appointment with the Doctor (of course not, should have called yesterday like I suggested). Now hubby, the big baby,  gives me an assignment: walk to the drug store and pick up a bottle of Tylenol Flu.  Sure, of course, no problem, I’m only trying to write a couple of chapters in my book. My melancholy mood has been eliminated; pure frustration has settled in now. In short, I’m pretty pissed. But wait, wait one minute. I have to kill off a character in my story. My imagination is in full swing. My laptop that has been idle for more than 24 hours gets turned back on. I will use the emotions that I am feeling at this very moment. No, this will not be another wasteful day, I will not allow it. Ohhhh, my cellphone is ringing yet again. And guess who it is? Yep, pretty sure my murder scene will be flooded with great detail.

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