Short & Dark

PRIDE- by A.C. Melody


Be that I’m a villain

A sadist

The monarch of your pain

I will cross you and constrict you

Take pleasure in thy vain

I shall shame you, while they blame you

I elate when you are weak –

But loneliness I would spare you

Take solace in that vow

I would never leave you

For I shan’t know how.

~ A.C.M.


3 thoughts on “PRIDE- by A.C. Melody”

    1. Hi! And Thanks so much for this!!!! I don’t know if I should put a Rosey Ray of Sunshine award on my blog. I am promoting horror and thrillers 🙂
      However, I am humbled that you think I am worthy of such award and that I have inspired you in some way.You too inspire and that brings me to my second point.
      GOODREADS has a poetry section contest where you can post your poems. I believe its ongoing. You KNOW how much I love your poetry. You should put something on there, really.
      Yes, you’re that good!!!


      1. That’s true! Too bad they don’t have a Bloody Valentine award or something lol 😀 I’ve never entered any contests before, but I promise I will look into it. I still say I’m not a poet, but thank you so much for your support in that area, I’m very honored that you enjoy my attempts at it!


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