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Book Review: WISHBONE by Brooklyn Hudson

Before you dive into the pages there is a quote from Benjamin Franklin on the first page that serves as a warning:

“If a man could have half of his wishes, he would double his troubles.”


This story proves his point.  The story begins with a memory or rather a nightmare of French native Julien Grenier as child sitting on his porch with his Grandfather enjoying the warm air of the French countryside. The tranquility of the day is interrupted by Julien’s drunken father, Jerome. This had not been the first time Julien’s father had stumbled in drunk and unruly and Grandpa has had enough. This is where Julien’s nightmare begins. Now an adult living in Manhattan, New York, Julien is unable or unwilling to discuss his dreadful childhood with his beautiful wife, Rachel. Julien pushes her away, emotionally at times, trying to deal with his demons alone. He is often moody, at times arrogant and yet, I liked him.

 On their ninth anniversary, Julien and Rachel Grenier have plans to celebrate. But the couple’s mutual friend, Matt, gives Julien some surprising news about Rachel that unknowingly sets off a chain of events that turns the romantic night into a night of hell. A violent attack ensues and Rachel suffers a huge loss, physically and emotionally. Once lively and free-spirited, Rachel becomes depressed, frightened and almost childlike, in constant need of her husband, Julien.  Desperate to put their tragic night behind them and their lives back together, Julien decides take his wife away, out of the city to a more secluded, peaceful place called King’s Hollow located in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.

 At first, their new home is believed to be what the couple needs.   However, there is something amidst in the small quaint town and in the home they purchased named The Victorian. The house not only comes with its own chicken coop but a strange caretaker to help tend to those chickens: a savant seventeen year –old girl named Sarah.

When Sarah cooks the couple a chicken dinner (fresh from the coop) Rachel decides to play a childhood game. She removes the wishbone from the chicken carcass and asks Julien to play; make a wish. And from that wish, a string of frightening events ensue upon the couple.

Brooklyn Hudson does a really good job at making the character’s plight believable. And towards the end, I could hardly catch my breath.

I wish she did a little more with Matt and Lizzy’s characters (Julien and Rachel friends). At the end of Wishbone, Miss Hudson gives you a passage of Wishbone 2 and good friend Matt is in the story.  After reading the excerpt, I have to say without hesitation, I want more, please!

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