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The Scary- The Creepy- The Strange #4: Abandoned Derbyshire Royal Infirmary


derbyshire royal hosp



It was once a bustling presence in the heart of the city, but now Derbyshire Royal Infirmary stands crumbling and empty; quite literally a shell of its former self.

These are the eerie photographs of the abandoned hospital, which was first built in 1810 and suffered a typhoid outbreak in 1890. The building’s design was blamed for the incident and led to it being restructured over the following three years.

In 1894 Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of the new layout which featured ‘onion’ shaped towers to prevent the deadly disease coming back.

The majority of the infirmary eventually closed to the public in 2009, with accident and emergency one of the first departments to move over the nearby Royal Derby Hospital – the second largest hospital in the East Midlands. Only a small NHS walk-in clinic known as London Road Community Hospital now functions on the site.

The majority of the sprawling Derbyshire Royal Infirmary building now lies empty, with hospital beds and commodes scattered across corridors, and sinister dolls with their faces removed sitting in the visiting quarters.

abandoned derbyshire royal hosp



abandoned derbyshire royal infirmary hosp5

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2567264/Inside-hospital-visited-Queen-Victoria-abandoned-decade.html#ixzz2xB2waCXv

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