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My Writing Process or How I Was Tricked Into Blogging by the Lovely Latashia Figueroa

John F.D. Taff, Dark Fiction Author

OK, so I got roped into this by the delightful Latashia Figueroa, an author you should check out here.  She’s a delightful, beautiful lady and a very good writer.  Go see what she’s doing.  She’s got a book, This Way Darkness, out in May.

Now I’m supposed to answer some questions about authory stuff and then refer you to three other authors.  Well, my three other authors are:

Joe Schwartz

J. Daniel Stone

Erik T. Johnson

I chose these three gentlemen because I admire their writing.  And we’re all working together on an upcoming super-secret project that I will divulge here in the next few months.  These gentlemen will then answer the same questions I’ve answered below next Monday…at least that’s how it’s supposed to work.  Joe doesn’t blog and Dan is forehead-deep in his next novel. So, who knows what will happen?  But their names are linked…

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