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Explore the Dark: Creepy Reads from Adam Icke and Brian Moreland

Hello my Horror-rific Fans!

Check out these creepy reads. Promise you won’t be disappointed.

zombie treeZombie Tree~

So, Pattie has returned to her hometown with her husband Earl. Earl awakes one morning to commotion coming from the streets. The town folk are preparing themselves, as they do every year, for an event Earl’s wife, Pattie has neglected to inform him of… Zombie Day. Adam Icke’s explanation for this horrific annual event is clever.

I really liked this short story. The premise is original, the pace is quick and the visionary details are awesome. I think this has the ingredients for a longer follow up story, or even a series.
Looking forward to reading more from Adam Ickes.

100 tiny tales of terror

100 tiny tales of terror~

Adam Ickes does a great job with these tiny strange, unsettling, creepy tales. If you are a Twilight Zone lover, you will love these short stories. Any of them can be made into longer Novellas.

I read them while on a train and knew I had to put my Kindle away when my stop was announced. The half hour flew by and I was actually disappointed to have reached my destination as I was not done with tiny tales of terror.

But I have to tell you. I have taken the trip several times, but that day everything looked different. Everyone looked…suspicious. I was looking over my shoulder, in broad day light. My paranoia didn’t get any better on the way home as the sun began to set. Yet I continued to read.

Adam Ickes gives his readers fair warning, “Some of these stories may, in fact, disturb you.”
And disturbing they are. There are a few stories that make you chuckle… but its an uneasy chuckle.


The Witching House

I wanted to visit a few haunted places. After all, I love all things horror, supernatural, paranormal. That was before I read The Witching House.

The Blevins house sits in the woods of east Texas. It is filled with secrets, blood and ghosts. Twenty-five people were murdered in the house forty years ago. The foundation of the house is witchery.

Dean and his friends Casey and Meg have explored haunted places before. It’s a thrilling hobby of theirs. Dean decides to bring his new girlfriend, a very reluctant Sarah, along on the adventure.

The four meet up with Ronnie, their guide to the Blevins house. Once inside they discover that the story of the Blevins house is not just folklore and some things, the horrific things, refuse to die.
Clever, fast paced and creepy- just the way I like it!

Well done Brian Moreland.

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