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Book Review: The Bird Eater by Ania Ahlborn

The Bird Eater


I have been a fan of Ania Ahlborn since SEED. BIRD EATER grabbed my attention from the first chapter.The opening is well written and truly frightening.
There is something dark in the Holbrook home and Aaron Holbrook has returned to try and piece together his very broken life. He does not know that there is something darker that beckons him there. Something from his past is reaching out to him. Returning to his childhood home only makes his already strained situation worse, much worse. The tension builds beautifully as you observe the sinister happenings of the house and the broken man Aaron Holbrook.
There are some truly scary moments in this story. Great descriptive character development and graceful prose gives the reader a clear visual for the mind.

However,the background of the antagonist,”Birdie”,could have been better developed. There could have been more of a reveal into his character making the reader understand just how truly evil he was. And why did he torment Miranda, Aaron’s real mother? That was never explained.
The character, Hazel,a long time friend of Edie, Aaron’s aunt who raised him, could have been used to add a bit more insight into what happened to Miranda.
And I so wanted Aaron’s childhood friend, Eric, the paranormal lover to have more of an impact on the story. He’s always believed there was something going on in the Holbrook house. He believes in the paranormal,even has equipment to explore such phenomenon. But he is much too skeptical when his friend Aaron finally tells him what he has been experiencing since returning to his old home. Eric’s character is never truly developed and left no lasting impression on me.

The ending reminded me of the author’s story,SEED. But unlike that story which left me completely satisfied, The Bird Eater left me with a lot of lingering questions.

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