Dark Discourse

Knock Knock, Ring Ring

image courtesy of flickr.com

If you hear a knock at your front door and you get up to answer it only to find no one there, open the door wide for a couple of seconds and then close it. This will let a good spirit in. But don’t open it again if there are more knocks. Not even if they continue for the rest of the night. You might just be inviting an evil spirit into your home. And if there are three knocks the first time around, don’t open the door at all! If there is a knock at your back door, it is the devil himself looking to come in. Superstitions surrounding door-knocking abound in many different cultures and it’s no surprise that after the invention of doorbells, they started to be included as well. For example, in some places it is believed that if a doorbell rings continuously for no reason, something dreadful has happened or is about to happen.

A woman in east Tennessee claims to have had a chilling experience. After moving into a new house, Emily Miller was woken by the sound of her doorbell ringing at three in the morning. She got up, disgruntled, only to find there was no one at the door. For the next couple of weeks, the bell rang at least every second morning at three o’clock. No logical explanation could be found, even after the installation of a motion sensor camera at the front door and calls to local police. No one was ever there. Weeks stretched into months and then years until finally Emily had had enough. She had her son rip the doorbell out of its mounting and throw it away. That night, the now-missing doorbell rang again . . .


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