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Movie Review: Annabelle~


I saw the trailer for Annabelle in July and have been waiting with anticipatory tip toes ever since. Last night I went to see if this movie would fulfill my dark yearning for something to scare the crap out of me.

We know the movie originated from The Conjuring. The story Annabelle, tells how the doll became possessed with an evil spirit and it’s an interesting fact-based horror story.

Pregnant mom,Mia, receives the already creepy looking doll from her husband,John, as a gift to add to the doll collection for the baby’s room. But the doll is not possessed at this point, although it certainly looks like it is.

Two cult leaders break into John and Mia’s neighbors home, an older couple.Turns out it’s the couple’s beloved daughter Annabelle who up and left two years prior. She has returned as a crazed hippie cult member psycho with her equally psychotic boyfriend in toe. Mia hears their screams and sends her husband over to check it out. Meanwhile, the cult members are now in John and Mia’s house.

Two crazed hippie satanic cult worshippers in your home, well… nothing good can come from that. Police shoot the man, and the woman, Annabelle kills herself, slashing her own throat as she holds the doll Mia’s husband gave her. Annabelle’s blood drips slowly into the doll’s eyes.The doll is now officially possessed with an evil spirit.

There are some definite creepy moments in the movie, one in particular I really love, but The Conjuring surpasses the movie overall. However, the fact that both movies are based on actual events is enough to scare the hell out of anyone.

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