Dark Discourse

Yet Another Reason to be Terrified of Clowns~

If Stephen Kings’ IT didn’t give you a reason to stay clear of clowns, here’s a few more:


In September 2004, Eric Dau and his wife Sherrise were driving into a mobile home court in Camanche, Iowa. Everything was going smoothly until they saw a startling sight ahead of them: Lined up in the middle of the road were dozens of spooky Ronald McDonald dolls.

The incident happened at approximately 12:30 AM yet a volunteer firefighter in the area claimed that he drove in the same road two hours earlier and saw nothing unusual. Eric’s wife suspected that it was a scheme used by assailants to lure women out of their cars. Strangely, all the clown dolls disappeared without a trace the following morning.


Named after the two legends of the horror genre (Vincent Price and Alfred Hitchcock), this clown doll is a toy and ghost rolled into one. Renee, a real estate agent from Oregon, first saw the doll in an online auction and, as a lover of all things creepy, she purchased the item for $500.

Shortly after putting Vincent in a designated corner in her house, she began experiencing bizarre occurrences. There were several instances when the clown doll suddenly vanished from where it was left, only to reappear in unexpected places. In fact, Renee said that she once found the doll with both arms mysteriously raised in the air. Later, a tape recorder left near the doll captured a deep voice of a man uttering the words “Wake up!” while no one was in the room. Although it is believed that Vincent Hitchcock is possessed by a spirit of a child, the identity of the ghost remains a mystery.


The “Clown Statue” is a creepy story first popularized by chain emails several years ago. Legend has it that a teenage girl was hired as a babysitter by a rich couple somewhere in California. The parents went out for a late dinner date but gave the babysitter freedom to watch TV in another room.

The girl did as she was told, but found the life-sized clown statue displayed in the room too disturbing, so she called the owners and asked if she could cover the statue with a blanket for the evening. Surprised, the couple immediately asked her to call the authorities, because they didn’t have a clown statue.

Different versions of this story have slightly different details, but the moral is always the same: be terrified of clown statues.



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