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My Love Letter to John F.D. Taff~


I remember watching a Stephen King interview. He talked about how he got the idea for Misery, a woman actually broke into his home calling herself “his number one fan.”

“Bunch of psychos,” I remember muttering. I grew up reading Stephen King; as I said many times before, he often told me bed time stories. But after I finished reading John F.D. Taff’s, The End In All Beginnings, I think I understand Annie Wilkes a little more. It is not just that the stories in John’s book are amazing, there is almost a hypnotic rythmn to his stories. Fiction with a side of poetry I call it. Yes, I just made that up. So here is my love letter to my new favorite writer:

Dear John,

You have kept me awake well past midnight these last few days. And may I say, the bags and dark circles that have emerged from under my eyes, I wear them proudly. The stories told in this book are almost indescribable. But I will try. In the words of Annie Wilkes, “it’s perfect… it is a perfect, perfect thing.”

I love you, John, ..uh, umm, I mean your mind, that’s all. And I hope to become a better writer because of you. I promise, I’ll only stalk you on social media sites. If you should visit the east coast, and end up near my home, and there’s a huge snow storm, I’ll rescue you. I’ll keep you safe and warm in my home. I won’t hesitate to release you back into the world. But only after you have told me another story.annie

Your number one fan …

1 thought on “My Love Letter to John F.D. Taff~”

  1. Exquisite. I just might take you up on that offer, just let me cancel that order for a hobbling in advance.
    Seriously darlin’, thank you. So glad you liked the book. It’s for reactions like yours that I write in the first place.


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