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Meet Nick Morris and His Latest Creation: UNDEATH

I’ve met so many wonderfully talented people during my writing journey. My friend Nick Morris is one of them. He offered me the privilege to read his latest script, UNDEATH, the pilot of an 8-part miniseries. Wow! Creative, fast paced, I held my breath a few times while reading. Nick has allowed me to share a portion of his work on this blog. Trust me, you’ll be waiting for this to hit the screen.

undeath. Nick Morris

Here’s a Sneak Peek :  


 David lurches awake, unscathed and seated on a folding, metal chair. He’s in the middle of a stark-white holding cell. His hair has grown long. He looks around, bewildered.

A badly damaged but functioning TV hangs on the far wall. It looks like it’s been smashed a thousand times. It replays Maria’s murder over and over. David turns away from it.Otherwise, the room is empty. “P-3” is painted on the wall in big, stenciled letters over the only exit. The door opens with a startlingly loud CLACK. David whips his head up.

 BERGMAN, an intense looking bald man (50) wearing a black suit enters and closes the door behind him.


Hello, David.

He’s of average size and build, but has an intimidating presence nonetheless. Black cowboy boots and a tacky-looking skull ring offset the suit and tie. He stands in place for a moment, glaring. David stares back, utterly lost and confused.


They…they killed us.


No shit.


How long have I been here? It feels like a hundred years.


Don’t be dramatic, David. We’re talking twenty years, tops. But your wait is over. Ready to get outta here?


For God’s sake, yes!


Let’s keep God out of it, for now.


 David finds himself seated at a conference table in an imposing boardroom. A projection screen on the wall shines with a corporate logo; “GP International”.

Bob Vargas sits on the other side of the table. He’s not moving. He just stares at David, as if frozen in time.

Bergman appears behind the frozen Vargas and hauls him out of his seat, shoving him onto the table with a THUD. David shudders, surprised. Bergman moves on to a bar in the corner. He chooses a bottle and examines it with some disdain.


A fate worse than death. Where the hell is he hiding the good stuff? Drink?

David nods slightly, mouth open.


Yes, I think so.

Bergman pours two glasses of scotch and returns to the table. He sits down in Vargas’ chair, slides a glass over to David and raises his own in a toast.


What should we drink to?

With trepidation, David raises his glass as well.


I know! To second chances.

Bergman downs his scotch and SLAMS the glass on the lavish, boardroom table. David takes a shaky sip.


Ugh…(winces in disgust)


He lights a cigarette and inhales deeply. Smoke rolls out of his nose.



David quickly shakes his head. Bergman tops himself up.




Call me Bergman.

Bergman knocks back the second drink and pours a third.


How’s the neck?

David touches the side of his neck where Death bit him.


What is this? What happened to my baby?!


Yeah, yeah. We’ll get to all that.

GPI marketing imagery starts to play on the projection screen. Smiling senior citizens, power-walking and playing with kids in some flowery paradise. Bergman seems amused.


Have you seen this? Possible side effects may include: nausea,vomiting, headaches, hair loss,diarrhea, rectal itch…

He can barely contain himself.


…dementia, psychosis, suicidal thoughts or actions? Death! Christ,what about spontaneous combustion?Amazing.

Bergman quickly stands up, grabs Vargas by the hair and lifts his head to face David.


I believe you’ve already met Mr.Bob Vargas. President and CEO of Goliath Pharmaceutical Industries, one of the world’s foremost purveyors of overpriced and ineffective treatment options for the terminally ill.

He releases Vargas’ hair. His face SMACKS the table.


Which brings us to the reason we’re both here.

An image of the finished golf resort appears onscreen now. Bergman looks like he’s giving a presentation.


Prosperity Falls Resort and Country Club. Remember? You wouldn’t get out of its way.


That’s right.




I wouldn’t let them push me off of my land. My father’s land.

Bergman laughs, hard.


So instead, they pushed you over a cliff.

David quickly looks up at him.


I’ll kill them.

Bergman takes a long drag, eyes locked on David.


That’s understandable. But quite a task for someone as existentially challenged as yourself.

David jumps up from his seat, sobbing.


Then I’ll wait for them to die! I’ll find them in hell and I’ll kill them again!

Bergman watches, grinning wide.


Trust me. When you’re in hell as you call it, you know only suffering. You’d never be able to get this worked up about anything.But I love the enthusiasm.


What is this place? What do you want with me?


Sit down.

They lock eyes. Slowly, David takes his seat.


I haven’t submitted you for judgment and processing. Instead,I’m going to reunite you with your corporeal body. It’s been buried for twenty years, so it’ll be rough going at first but it’s basically intact.

David seems confused and frustrated. Bergman takes a drag.


You’ll be reborn, David, into what I like to call…

He trails off, but doesn’t break eye contact.




…a state of undeath.




Shit, isn’t it obvious?

He flicks his cigarette off into the room somewhere.


Revenge, man.

 About Nick Morris:

NIck Morris

Raised in a loving home, Nick Morris enjoyed a well-adjusted childhood. So, he turned to the horror section of his local video store to corrupt and twist his innocent mind, resulting in a near-debilitating obsession with VHS era slasher movies.

Not surprisingly, Nick often imagined what his own “perfect horror movie” would look like. Inspired by the fun and imaginative 80’s fright-flicks he grew up watching again and again, he would go on to write UNDEATH, his first screenplay.

Shortly thereafter, UNDEATH would be named a ShriekFest finalist, as well as a RIP FilmFest finalist. Nick is thoroughly committed to seeing his dream realized on screen and is currently adapting UNDEATH into a TV series.

Nick is a loving husband, father of two and owner of an extensive collection of horror memorabilia that has been almost entirely relegated to the darkest corner of the basement.


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