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Ivy’s Envy (Want & Decay Trilogy,#1): Update on Reviews So Far

Ivy's Envy Master Cover Large

One of my favorite authors sent a blurb for me to use for my latest book, IVY’S ENVY. Bram Stoker Award-Nominated Author John F.D. Taff has certainly put a smile on my face that will be hard to remove for some time.

From John F.D. Taff: “Latashia Figueroa’s latest work, Ivy’s Envy: Want & Decay Trilogy, #1, is a well-written, discomfitting look at love and obsession. She keeps the tension and emotions churning throughout, and then…twist! Grab this book…and then wait nervously for its sequel!”

1) It was thrilling and a book that sucked you in right away July 1, 2015
Just finished it last night and I cant wait for book 2! It was thrilling and a book that sucked you in right away. It also had a great twist that I didn’t see coming ( and I always do) so that made me extremely happy.

2) I love-love-love this story!! It’s a knockout! I’d give about a million dollars to read the next two in the series–right away!! This book is just–far too cool for words, rendering me speechless. I’ve just found a new favorite author.

The title character is something else. Her great-grandmother was–well, insane. Her long-suffering grandma is the only person who understands her. And Ivy herself, has serious issues. I’m sure a mental health professional would diagnose at minimum Narcissism. Then there’s severe conduct disorder, sociopathy, antisocial disorder…Ivy is a mess. [So are guys who take her on.] But into every life, a little poetic justice must fall..and it’s time, according to Grandma, for little Ivy to get her comeuppance. Wow. I’m not ever going to forget IVY’ S ENVY.

A Big Shout Out and Thank You to my audience!

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