Short & Dark

The Screaming~

October 30th, the day before Halloween. Here’s an especially eerie poem to welcome those we fear yet cannot see.


The Screaming

The screaming woke me at a quarter to three

But there was nobody there,

There was nothing to see.

There was a sound like the rattling

Of the chain on the old barn door

But the old barn had burned down a year before.

I laid there wide awake and shaking

When I heard the squealing of the garden gate,

When footsteps started up the path,

I was quaking.

I rushed to the window

Shouted, “Leave me alone.”

But there was nobody there,

I was all on my own.

I heard the rattle of a key in the kitchen door

But I knew my keys were under my bed,

So it was just imagination

Playing jokes on me,

When I thought I heard the snick of a lock.

Then I heard a creak on the stairs

But I knew I was alone,

So, there was no one to fear.

My bedroom door opened

And in crept the light of the moon

And there Nobody stood, at the end of my bed.

© 2015 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.


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