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My favourite new (to me) authors of 2015.

Bookloverworm Thinks I’m the tops, so you know I HAD to reblog this!


Although this blog is only a few months old I have been reading and reviewing books all year and have discovered quite a few new authors along the way.  I’ve also completed my Goodreads reading challenge and this year have read 58 books, far more than the 35 I was thinking I might manage!   I’ve seen quite a few interesting posts recently of people’s top 10 books this year and while I think this is a great idea I’ve decided choosing 10 books from 58 would be too tricky so have instead chosen to do a list of my favourite new authors I have discovered this year.

This list is in no particular order and does not mean in any way that other authors works I have read were not good but simply that these authors are ones who I will follow and get excited about new books of theirs…

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