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Book Review: THE GROWN UP by Gillian Flynn


This story (originally titled “What Do You Do?”) was published as one of twenty-one short stories in the Rogues anthology, compiled by George R. R. Martin.

The narrator tells a story of how she goes through life conning others. For her latest gig, she pretends to have the ability to see aura. One day a very troubled woman named Susan Burke, comes to the con artist with a problem. There’s something amiss in her old home. And when the con artist goes to cleanse the house, she discovers there’s more to Susan Burke’s story than meets the eye. And the reader is left asking, who’s conning who?

The story works for an anthology piece, but as a stand-alone book, I was not impressed.  I also have to say, the retail price of $9.99 is ridiculous. Sorry. I purchased it because I enjoy Gillian Flynn’s writing. And, its not that the story is only 66 pages. I knew that when I purchased it. I just didn’t find the story to be very clever. Great opening line though. I should have downloaded the ebook for $2.99.

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