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Book Review: The Girls by Emma Cline

20160914_120242Emma Cline’s, The Girls, is an intimate look at adolescence, the insecurities and loneliness that tag along with it,the decisions we make because of it, and who we become after.

The Girls is the story of Evie Boyd,  a middle-aged woman living a now, normal, yet boring life. But her story is anything but. Evie recalls the late 1960s: hippy, drippy, peace, love and violence. At the delicate age of 14, when wanting to be wanted, beautiful and loved was the most important thing in the world. While sitting in a Northern California park, Evie, spots The Girls.

I looked up because of their laughter, and kept looking because of the girls.I noticed their hair first, long and uncombed. Then their jewelry catching the sun. The three of them were far enough away that I saw only the periphery of their features, but it didn’t matter–I knew they were different from everyone else in the park.

Emma Cline does an excellent job of recreating the infamous cult family of the time, and allows the reader to take a closer look at The Girls: the disciples of a cult leader that told his followers to kill, and they obeyed.

Evie Boyd, a child of divorce, uncertain, lost and insecure is drawn to the girls because of their confidence, bluntness, and no need to apologize attitude. They are mysterious, pretty, and follow only the rules of their leader.

Evie is befriended by the girls, particularly, the dark haired, and complex, Suzanne. Evie hangs on Suzanne’s every word, wanting to please her and be a part of their seductive, frightening lives, romanticized by adolescence. Eventually Evie is introduced to the leader, Russell who is magnetic and impressive with his slick tongue and trippy drug induced philosophies.

Young Evie Boyd eagerly steps into their world, stumbling forward, head first, and blind down the path that leads to no where but darkness.

*Five Stars*


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Tribes of Decay-( A Zombie-Novel) by Michael W. Garza


I enjoyed The Hand That Feeds, by Michael W. Garza. His latest work, Tribes of Decay, published by Severed Press, is racking up five star reviews. I have not had the chance to read yet, but, it’s on my list. Good luck with it, Michael.

Tribes of Decay:A Zombie Novel ( The Decaying World Saga, Book 1)

Our world decayed and a new world arose from the ashes of the old.

The remains of the human race cling to life decades after a decimating global plague. The infected hunt the living as the dead roam abandoned streets craving the taste of flesh. Mia and Rowan hoped to carve out a life for themselves in an apocalyptic wasteland, but fate had other plans. They’re forced to leave behind the relative safety of their home after a chance encounter challenges everything they’ve ever known.

Bio:  Michael W. Garza often finds himself wondering where his inspiration will come from next and in what form his imagination will bring it to life. The outcomes regularly surprise him and it’s always his ambition to amaze those curious enough to follow him and take in those results. He hopes that everyone will find something that frightens, surprises, or simply astonishes them.


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Book Review: All Smoke Rises: Milk-Blood Redux by Mark Matthews

All Smoke Rises4 - Digital


The follow up to his brilliant book, MILK-BLOOD,(OPTIONED FOR A FULLLENGTH FEATURE FILM). Mark Matthews tells the story of addiction so well, I was forced to smell the stench, touch the grime, and feel the unrelenting pain of these characters. It can be overwhelming, but, that’s a true mark of an awesome writer.

The added supernatural elements make this haunting story even more chilling. Your body runs cold as each scene is excellently described. The brutality, depravity, and desperation is plunged deep, and you have no choice but to live with it for a while. Be prepared.

Five huge stars. Looking forward to the movie , Mark!

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Book Review: THE GROWN UP by Gillian Flynn


This story (originally titled “What Do You Do?”) was published as one of twenty-one short stories in the Rogues anthology, compiled by George R. R. Martin.

The narrator tells a story of how she goes through life conning others. For her latest gig, she pretends to have the ability to see aura. One day a very troubled woman named Susan Burke, comes to the con artist with a problem. There’s something amiss in her old home. And when the con artist goes to cleanse the house, she discovers there’s more to Susan Burke’s story than meets the eye. And the reader is left asking, who’s conning who?

The story works for an anthology piece, but as a stand-alone book, I was not impressed.  I also have to say, the retail price of $9.99 is ridiculous. Sorry. I purchased it because I enjoy Gillian Flynn’s writing. And, its not that the story is only 66 pages. I knew that when I purchased it. I just didn’t find the story to be very clever. Great opening line though. I should have downloaded the ebook for $2.99.