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You Pick My Next Book Cover

I’ve been working hard on my new book and am so grateful for all of the interest and feedback I’ve received. Now, I need your help. I want you to pick the cover for my upcoming book,Want & Decay. I love them both, and I can’t decide. Please share with your social media crowd. I’ll reveal your choice January 28th in the new book trailer. Thanks so much for participating.


Want and Decay  v.1b


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A Shout Out To: BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS


I was in search of a book cover for my soon to be released Horror anthology. My friend John F.D. Taff (Author of The Bell Witch, Kill/Off and Little Deaths), advised me to check out Books of the Dead Press created by James Roy Daley. Not only did I purchase a cool book cover design (to be revealed next month) but I also discovered a great bunch of Horror Writers, including a few from the founder of the small publication, James Roy Daley. Check it out Horror fans!