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TIH Podcast:John F.D. Taff on Dialogue, Full-time Writing and Emotional Horror


One of my favorite authors, John F.D. Taff, discusses dialogue, full-time writing and emotional horror with This Is Horror . He also gives me a shoutout, and I’m not ashamed to admit, I jumped up and down like a child.


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Ivy’s Envy (Want & Decay Trilogy,#1): Update on Reviews So Far

Ivy's Envy Master Cover Large

One of my favorite authors sent a blurb for me to use for my latest book, IVY’S ENVY. Bram Stoker Award-Nominated Author John F.D. Taff has certainly put a smile on my face that will be hard to remove for some time.

From John F.D. Taff: “Latashia Figueroa’s latest work, Ivy’s Envy: Want & Decay Trilogy, #1, is a well-written, discomfitting look at love and obsession. She keeps the tension and emotions churning throughout, and then…twist! Grab this book…and then wait nervously for its sequel!”

1) It was thrilling and a book that sucked you in right away July 1, 2015
Just finished it last night and I cant wait for book 2! It was thrilling and a book that sucked you in right away. It also had a great twist that I didn’t see coming ( and I always do) so that made me extremely happy.

2) I love-love-love this story!! It’s a knockout! I’d give about a million dollars to read the next two in the series–right away!! This book is just–far too cool for words, rendering me speechless. I’ve just found a new favorite author.

The title character is something else. Her great-grandmother was–well, insane. Her long-suffering grandma is the only person who understands her. And Ivy herself, has serious issues. I’m sure a mental health professional would diagnose at minimum Narcissism. Then there’s severe conduct disorder, sociopathy, antisocial disorder…Ivy is a mess. [So are guys who take her on.] But into every life, a little poetic justice must fall..and it’s time, according to Grandma, for little Ivy to get her comeuppance. Wow. I’m not ever going to forget IVY’ S ENVY.

A Big Shout Out and Thank You to my audience!

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I Go Willingly Into the Darkness with The King of Pain

848x300_NewTEIAB_011515 I have read many books that fall under different genres. But most of the stories I read are stories I love to write: Thrillers and Horror.

As I have said, I was introduced to Stephen King at an early age, and then, Edgar Allan Poe by my seventh grade English Teacher. I discovered H.P. Lovecraft and Shirley Jackson along the way. They were definitely ahead of their time; the stories they penned are timeless and frightening still.

There are many authors out there that I admire. But right now, there is only one I adore.
John F.D. Taff.
My favorite books of his, Little Deaths ,and most recent, The End In All Beginnings. They are positively the best collections I have read in quite some time.

There are a lot of people who consider themselves die-hard horror fans. I used to think of myself that way. But my idea of horror is not the blood and gore or the, you can see it coming, jump scares.

What I consider horror is not just the idea that there are possibly monsters out there, but that you can be the monster. When you feel for a character, even though he has done awful things, that’s good horror. And when you read a story that can make your skin crawl while you’re wiping away a tear, that’s great horror. That is what Mr. Taff has done.

Each of his stories are unique, and in your face. They are dreadful, yet intelligent– terrifying and lovely. Yes, they fall under the genre of Horror but for reasons that run far deeper than your heart dares to explain.

John F.D. Taff has been named Horror’s New King of Pain and rightfully so. His stories take his readers on strange and fearful journeys. But I grab his hand and go willingly because I know even in the darkness I am safe with this author.

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My Love Letter to John F.D. Taff~


I remember watching a Stephen King interview. He talked about how he got the idea for Misery, a woman actually broke into his home calling herself “his number one fan.”

“Bunch of psychos,” I remember muttering. I grew up reading Stephen King; as I said many times before, he often told me bed time stories. But after I finished reading John F.D. Taff’s, The End In All Beginnings, I think I understand Annie Wilkes a little more. It is not just that the stories in John’s book are amazing, there is almost a hypnotic rythmn to his stories. Fiction with a side of poetry I call it. Yes, I just made that up. So here is my love letter to my new favorite writer:

Dear John,

You have kept me awake well past midnight these last few days. And may I say, the bags and dark circles that have emerged from under my eyes, I wear them proudly. The stories told in this book are almost indescribable. But I will try. In the words of Annie Wilkes, “it’s perfect… it is a perfect, perfect thing.”

I love you, John, ..uh, umm, I mean your mind, that’s all. And I hope to become a better writer because of you. I promise, I’ll only stalk you on social media sites. If you should visit the east coast, and end up near my home, and there’s a huge snow storm, I’ll rescue you. I’ll keep you safe and warm in my home. I won’t hesitate to release you back into the world. But only after you have told me another story.annie

Your number one fan …